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The teachings contained within our holy scriptures are as vast as the ocean. The Vedas, Upanishads, Shrutis, Samhitas and Puranas are like a treasure chest which contain multitudes of gems for each and everyone one of us. The messages of these scriptures are deep and profound; to understand them accurately, our sages and holy texts give us counsel to study under the guidance of a learned person – a guru.

Through the intense study of Hindu Philosophy, Scriptures and the Sanskrit language, Pujya Maa is prolific in the Vedic Scriptures and has encapsulated the essence of their teachings. She conveys their message in such a way that they become accessible to all; easy to understand by young and old alike. Pujya Maa’s teachings and discourses blend ancient thought with modern reasoning, lighting our pathway to understand, apply and practice the teachings of the Hindu Faith in an effortless yet effective manner.