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Today’s lifestyle is such that in the midst of increasing comfort, our peace of mind & happiness is fast decreasing. Modern man is becoming more & more absorbed in materialism and this self-centredness is leading to moral degradation all around. Human life without regard for spiritual, cultural, intellectual, social & moral principles leads to a life that may be materialistically rich but devoid of true happiness.

Radha Kripa Mandals were established during the early 1970’s in cities such as Edgware, Ilford, and Leicester. Since this period the Mandals have held regular satsangs and utsavs. Over the years, the Mandals activities have extended into other areas like Birmingham, Corby, Coventry, Harrow, Nottingham, Tooting, Watford and Woodgreen.

Radha Kripa Trust (RKT UK) was officially registered as a charitable organisation in 1997 with the Charity Commission in England.

RKT is a socio-cultural organisation dedicated to serving mankind; be it in the area of spiritual advancement, community support or cultural awareness. The Trust carries out many activities throughout the year – religious events, cultural programmes & charity work.

Through our Founder’s inspiration and guidance, RKT aims to encourage individuals to understand, recognise, apply principles and values of Hindu tradition and philosophy in modern day society and enrich their lives. A key focus is placed on learning how to cope with the demands and pressures imposed by our modern day lifestyles.

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