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Shri Premdhan Lalanji

Hailing from the Holy land of Shri Dham Brindavan, Pujya Shree Lalan Premdhan is one of the blessed souls who has been showered with the love, affection, knowledge and grace of the Rasik saints of Brajbhoomi; especially that of Pujya Shri Pandit Gayaprashadji Maharaj, a renowned saint of Giriraj Govardhan.

These special benedictions led to Shree Lalanji developing a natural affinity towards the ‘Raas-Leela’ (Divine Dance & Pastimes of Shri Krishna) and at the tender age of three, he started to enact the role of Shri Krishna in these Raas-leela performances. Since then, he has given hundreds of performances depicting the various divine sports of the Lord under the able guidance of his father Swami Fateh Krishna Sharma, founder of Radha Kripa Raas Leela Sansthaan. Thus the spirit and essence of raas leela dwells in his heart, and it is as though Shree Lalanji has captured and imbibed both the qualities and attributes of the divine Lord Shri Krishna within himself.

Blessed with a magnificent deep melodious voice, he excels in classical singing; rendering beautiful soul-stirring bhajans which mellow the heart and make tears of joy flow from the eyes. He has mastered classical dancing; exquisitely expressing the Braj-Ras Bhaav through ballads and nrityas. Adept at the harmonium, dholak and many other musical instruments, Lalanji is internationally acclaimed for his bhajans and kirtans, and has performed many ‘Bhajan Sandhyas’ throughout India and abroad. Devotees enjoy his devotional hymns on CD’s, VCD’s as well as through Indian TV channels.

Shree Lalanji has captivated the hearts of thousands around the world with his sweet, humble and charming nature. His eloquent delivery of spiritual discourses, along with narrating episodes from the lives of devotees and pastimes of the Lord delight and enchant the young and old alike.

After pursuing study of Shrimad Bhaagvat over the last few years, in March 2009 Pujya Lalanji delivered his first oration of Shrimad Bhaagvat Katha at the Radha Kripa Mandir in Panchgani. His recital of the sacred scripture combined with the teachings of the Hindu Philosophy left the audience mesmerized and engrossed in the Bliss of Bhaagvat.

Since 1997, Shree Lalan Premdhan has been in the company of and under the spiritual guidance of Her Holiness Param Pujya Shree Sant Maa Brajdeviji, founder of Radha Kripa Mandal. With the blessings and grace of Pujya Maa, Shree Lalan Premdhan has been declared as her pre-designated successor (Uttaradhikari).

We are indeed most fortunate to have amongst us such a learned soul to guide us forward in our spiritual quest.