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Brajaanchal Trust

‘BRAJ…jan jan ko apni snehil chhav me leneko samarpit…AANCHAL’

‘Brajaanchal’ is the latest addition to Radha Kripa and Maa Brajdevi Charitable Trust.

It is a trust dedicated to extending social welfare to the village areas and spreading Pujya Maa’s grace to the ones needing it most – be it educational, medical or any other deserving cause.

The first efforts are being directed in the area of Panchgani – a hillstation of Maharashtra. Though Panchgani is a well-renowned educational town by itself, the surrounding villages and local population still languish and are deprived of basic educational and health facilities.

During the construction of the Radha Kripa Mandir in Panchgani, Pujya Maa first-hand saw the difficulties faced by the underprivileged locals in various villages around this district. She thus took personal responsibility and through Brajaanchal, propagated activities engaged in provision of resources for the betterment of the medical, educational and social welfare in the nearby areas.

Activities undertaken by Brajaanchal

Every year on the 5th March, the ‘Pathotsav’ (sthapna divas i.e. inauguration day anniversary) of ‘Thakur Shree Brajvallabh Lalji’ at Radha Kripa Mandir is held. This day is a celebration not only for Pujya Maa’s devotees, but also for all the local villagers. On this occasion a grand procession ‘Shobha Yatra’ is taken out in Mahabaleshwar, followed by Akhand Kirtan, Yagna, Maha Prasad and many other social and cultural activities at the temple. All the local people are invited to come and they attend with great enthusiasm and devotion.

At this event, Pujya Maa distributes many educational materials to the school children as well as to the local village schools and everyone is given maha-prashad.

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