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Pujya Maa's Biography

"Just as a sculptor gives a beautiful shape to an un-carved stone and transforms it into an idol worthy to be worshipped, similarly a Sadguru chisels away the ego of the devotee and makes him worthy to be offered at the lotus feet of the Lord" – Pujya Maa Shree Sant Maa Brajdeviji

In a world shadowed by misery and sorrow, there appears on the horizon the hallowed, radiant face of "Her Supreme Holiness Pujya Shri Sant Maa Brajdeviji" to spread peace and happiness upon this earth.

To awaken a slumbering soul; to turn this face away from this material world towards the Divine Lord and to plant the seed of divine love in his heart is no easy task - yet that is exactly what Pujya Mataji has been doing.

Ever since she donned the saffron robes of a saint and vowed to spread the gospel of Shri Radha- Krishna Bhakti, there has been no looking back. Beginning from her home in Brindavan, she has travelled throughout India, through the Metropolitans of Mumbai, Delhi, Calcutta, Madras, Bangalore, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Pune, Akola as well as numerous smaller cities and towns to spread her message. Her Prem-Bhakti is even spread across the world - England, America, Africa, Hong-Kong and Moscow. Wherever she sets her lotus feet, a garden of love in the form of a 'Radha Kripa Mandal' springs up. These mandals serve as a beacon light in guiding, inspiring and assisting devotees to travel progressively upon the path of Prem-Bhakti and in attaining the final goal: Supreme and Everlasting Happiness.

Born and bred in the holy land of Brindavan, Pujya Maa grew up in Radha-Krishna consciousness and devotion. After gaining an M.A. in Sanskrit Literature from a college in Mathura, highly educated Pujya Maa taught for some time as a professor and lecturer at Agra University. However the classroom of the college was too small a place her to teach and thus she decided to take the whole world in her stride. She sacrificed all material pleasures, cast aside marriage, left everything and decided to dedicate her life at the Lotus feet of her Lord and chose to serve the millions of souls who grovel in ignorance, darkness and unhappiness.

Pujya Mataji combines within herself supreme knowledge and divine love. In a beautiful blend of ancient thought and modern reason, Pujya Maa leaves no stone unturned and removes any trace of confusion from the aspirants mind. Her positive, systematic and logical approach towards the attainment of this goal guides and inspires the seeker who listens to her enlightening discourses based on the Vedanta – Vedas, Upanishads, Tulsi Ramayan, Bhagwad Gita, Shrimad Bhaagwatam, Puranas and Shrutis as well as other religious scriptures.

The devotee finds an answer to every query that springs in his mind. To the layman, Pujya Mataji offers a simple and easy path to transcendental Bliss. When Pujya Mataji sings Bhajans, a river of nectar flows, rhyme and rhythm create a great ocean of love, wherein the devotee dives deeper and deeper, never to rise out of it again.

Holding aloft the torch of ‘Prem-Bhakti’ (Attainment of God through Devotion), Maa has preached and spread her gospel across the world. She preaches the divine love of Radha Krishna, teaching us to love them with all our heart and mind, just as the gopis did. With our body we should perform the duties required of us. We cannot and need not run away from our duties or from the world. Pujya Maa instructs the seeker to ‘live in the world but not let the world live in you’.

To continue this work into the future and keep the flame of devotion burning brightly in devotees hearts, Pujya Maa has chosen and declared her prime disciple Pujya Shree Lalanji Premdhan as her pre-designated successor. Pujya Shree Lalanji has been in the company of and under the spiritual guidance of Pujya Maa since the last twelve years and has gained her benedictions and benevolent grace in its entirety.

Pujya Mataji comes to us like the radiant eternal sun, dispelling our ignorance and sorrow. She spreads rays of light, wisdom and joy in order to help a devotee achieve inner harmony and eternal peace and bliss.

Pujya Maa has offered us all the Divine cup - come let us drink from it, and drown ourselves into the ocean of love, surrendering ourselves with mind and heart - at the lotus feet of Lord!