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About Radha Kripa

'Radha Kripa', established and founded by Pujya Mataji, abounds in her grace catering to the mental, moral and spiritual needs of every truth seeking individual. The organisation is spread worldwide and is dedicated to serving mankind, be it in the area of spiritual advancement, community support or cultural awareness.

In India, various Trusts and Mandals are operational in places such as Mumbai, Vrindavan, Panchgani, Bangalore, Madras and Nagpur to assist the organisation in all its multifarious activities. They aim to provide spiritual, social, medical and educational assistance to aspirants, students, disabled and under-privileged; and also organise various programmes which promote fellowship, understanding and peace.

The organisation carries out many activities throughout the year – religious events, cultural programmes and charity work – both locally & internationally. Pujya Maa and her disciples also travel widely to conduct seminars and actively preach through spiritual discourses and satsang as well as various other programmes. Inspirational literature, cds and dvds are amongst materials released on a regular basis to help devotees in supporting their religious activities. Satsangs (devotional gatherings) and events are performed regularly by the Radha Kripa Mandals with active participation from young adults and youths.