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Ever since infinity, humans are born & live upon this earth under the state of being relatively unaware of their true nature, purpose and ultimate aim in life. A few great souls however, leave their imprints on the sands of time by serving humanity in various ways and awakening others to their true purpose in life.

Her Supreme Holiness Param Pujya Shree Sant Mata Brajdeviji belongs to that rare category of saints who firmly believe that ‘true eternal happiness – which is the ultimate goal in life & the birthright of every individual – does exist in this world and it can be achieved in a certain way’ - the secret of which she gives to all of us.

Shree Sant Maa Brajdeviji hails from the holy land of Vrindavan and has travelled worldwide spreading the gospel of Radha Krishna Bhakti. Her mission is to awaken slumbering souls and to turn their faces towards the Divine Image of the Lord. Pujya Maa combines within herself supreme knowledge and divine love. Her philosophical discourses blend ancient thought with modern reasoning, enlightening young and old alike. Pujya Maa shows us the way to ultimate peace, bliss and happiness…the way to the Lord. Come, let us walk together on this spiritual journey and immerse ourselves in the ocean of love…!